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Web Design

Designing for a Target Audience:  Create an experience.
Remember first impressions: entice and engage the user.  Keep the message clear and simple…make them want more
…and make sure they can find it.

Designing for Search Engines:
Be found.
The money-maker: keywords, content and behind-the-scenes structure.  Define your target audience and refine your message for each page.


Content Creation

Provide value and keep customers interested:
Make it concise and memorable.
Content is the heart of your site and a major element to being found by search engines.  Provide value by answering common questions and describing all of your services and products .  Be an authority in your industry.

Not sure where to start?  I offer content creation along with photography services.  Part of my design process includes sitting down with clients to discuss their business goals;  it is always a great content gathering process.


Search Engine Optimization

Yes, I will say it often…Be Found!
Web design includes optimization.
I think SEO is so important, I am including it more than once.  My initial Web site design process includes defining pages and their respective keywords for content and site structure.  There are many Web site design companies that don’t see the importance of incorporating SEO concepts into the initial Web site design.  I do.  But, this is just the beginning.
Visit Search Engine Optimization, Part 2 to learn more.

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Designing Effective Internet Marketing

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