Internet Marketing Services in West Michigan

Grand Haven & Grand Rapids Internet Marketing

Each year an increasing number of businesses and individuals are using the Internet to conduct business, purchase products, research information, and connect with friends.  Because the Internet is a world wide marketing venue for businesses, it has created vast opportunities for entrepreneurs.  How will you make use of this audience?  Let Designs on the Grand help you discover the possibilities.

Social Media Marketing

Keep Your Customers Connected

Make your business part of the online discussion with Social Media Marketing.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

These social networks provide a great opportunity to create buzz for your brand by making it visible and accessible to current and potential customers where they spend their time online.  Google is the most popular site on the Internet, but Facebook is where people spend the most time…at least for now.  More and more people are using these social networks to ask for advice and recommendations for services and products.  Don’t miss out on this marketing potential.

Need help?  I offer monthly service contracts for creating custom business account designs, posts, and updates that can be integrated with your Web site. 

Email Marketing Campaigns

Keep Your Customers Informed &
Ready To Take Action

Email marketing is still a viable way, if not the most effective way to be in conversation with your customers and potential customers.  It is a more personal connection and one that may have less distractions than Facebook or Twitter.

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Search Engine Optimization

Keep The Customers Coming

“There is no other marketing channel that matches the return on investment that SEO (search engine optimization) provides.”
~ Danny Sullivan, Editor-inChief,

So, you have a Web site…Now you can sit back and forget about it, right?  Wrong!  Unless your goal is to have very few people find your site.  To be successful with your Internet marketing, you need to make sure your site is optimized for search engines.

First things first…Select the best keywords by knowing your target audience and refining your business message and/or brand.  Once you know “who” and “what”, your keywords then need to be incorporated into your site content and your site structure.  Finally, your site needs to be submitted to search engines and relevant online directories.  This is a good start, but it isn’t the end of the trip.

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